PTA APPROVED 4G Tracking System

Main Features

1.Input sim card, Turn on the device, Support to set 5 admin number monitor the GPS device.

2. Single Locating

3. Auto track continuously

4. Turning points update automatically

5. GPS drift suppression

6. Exact street address

7. Location based service (LBS) /Cell-ID Locating

8. Monitor

9. Data logging

10. Data load

11. Forward the third parties’ message

12.SIM card balance inquiry

13. ACC working alarm

14.Cut off the oil and power system

15.Function of Remote Controller


17.Silent Mode


19.Decide how many times of alarm message

20.Low battery alarm

21.External Power off alarm

22.GPS blind Spot alert



25.Multi-area management

26.Movement alarm

27.Over speed alarm

28.Fuel Alarm

24.Alarms under ARM State:

Door Open Alarm; ACC alarm; Built in Acceleration Sensor Alarm;

Alarm without GSM network service

25. Sleep Mode:sleep by time,sleep by shock sensor,deep sleep by shock sensor, no sleep mode

26.Start Work on specific time

27.Check IMEI

28.Check the Vehicle State

29.Set up Terminal (local) Time

30.Reset Hardware

32.TCP/UDP Switch